Dr. Todd McElroy

I’m Dr. Todd McElroy, and I am a professor and researcher in the field of Psychology. My primary areas of research are in Decision Science and Psychology of Physical Activity. I am currently involved in several research projects in decision making, but all center on understanding how thinking influences decision making.

Essentially, I build on prior theoretical work to develop a clearer understanding of how we make decisions, whether it is conscious or unconscious.  I approach this question by examining both biological and cognitive elements that affect our decisions.

I am interested in how cognitive elements, such as individual differences in thinking style, memory and unconscious priming influence decisions. From the biological perspective, I examine in how factors such as sleep, circadian rhythm and hunger interact to help shape the decisions we make.

I also have interest in understanding feelings of regret that people have before and after making decisions. I have a more focused interest in decision framing, especially attribute and risk framing.

Finally, I continue to actively pursue a better understanding of how hemispheric processing plays out in the decision making process.

I am also researching the ties between psychology and physical activity. At the moment, I am involved in a project that looks at how a person’s amount of sleep influences their physical activity level.

Follow my work on ResearchGate, and feel free to contact me with any comments or questions.