Grant Activities

Grant Proposals Funded

Sleep Restriction and Circadian Mismatch Effects on Differential Decision Processes, National Science Foundation, David Dickinson and Todd McElroy.  

NSF Grant number: 1229067: $405,628.00 (2012-2015).

Graduate Research Associate Mentoring Award (GRAM).  Graduate Research Associate Mentoring Award (GRAM), $10,000 per year total $20,000 (2012-2014) graduate stipend funding for two years.

Morning-people, evening-people, and the effects of time-of-day on decision-making.  McElroy, T. (Psychology) & Dickinson, D. (Economics).  Research Development Award of $25,000. Funded by the Division of Research and Sponsored Programs, Appalachian State University.  

Grant Proposals not funded

Circadian mismatch and fatigue effects on decision making.  Dickinson, D. (Economics), McElroy, T. (Psychology). $21,220  SHRM – Society for Human Resource Management Foundation, (2011).  Not funded.

Are all attribute frames created equal? Uncovering theoretical foundations and applications of attribute framing.  Eyal Gamliel (Ruppin Academic Center), Todd McElroy (Appalachian State University), Irwin Levin (University of Iowa), Gary Gaeth (University of Iowa), Hamutal Kreiner (University of Haifa) Christopher Dickinson (Appalachian State University).  Proposed budget $229,537. United States-Israel Binational Science Foundation.

The effects of voluntary sleep loss and circadian mismatch on controlled versus automatic thought processes.  Dickinson, D. (Economics) & McElroy, T. (Psychology). $424,000 NIH-National Institute of Health, (2009). Not funded.

Naturally-Occurring Sleep Loss and Circadian Effects on Higher-Level Decision-Making.  Dickinson, D. (Economics), McElroy, T. (Psychology) & Drummond, S. (Sleep research). NIH-National Institute of Health $212,000, (2008).  Not funded.