Decision Lab

In this lab we seek to better understand the fundamental processes involved in decision making. To do so, we manipulate various contextual and personal factors then observe the predicted effects on decision choice. The goal of this research is to understand the psychological processes that determine a person’s decision choice.

Do you think that you might be interested in working with our lab? First, I encourage you to think about a few common questions that undergraduates often have. Then, if you still think this might be a good path for you, please fill out this questionnaire to be considered.

  • What do you study in the lab?
  • What will I be doing?
  • How much time will it take out of my schedule?
  • Is working in a lab helpful for getting into graduate school?
  • Can I be involved in this lab if I am not certain this is what I want to do in psychology?

Yes, lab experience is great for students even if the area is not exactly assigned with your interests. Additionally, I have found that most students are not absolutely certain of their direction in psychology and there is no better way to find your direction that working in a variety of labs.