Teaching and Mentoring Activities

Classes Taught

Social Psychology
An introductory level class spanning major themes in social psychology.

Personality Psychology
An introductory level class designed to give students insight into the field of personality through different domains of knowledge.

Research Methods
A midlevel course covering the foundations of research design with an emphasis on encouraging experiential learning.

Senior Seminar
A comparative review of the field of psychology and engagement with future careers in the field.

Experimental Psychology
An in-depth examination of the basic principles of psychological investigation and statistically based techniques.

Introductory Psychology
A foundations class designed to introduce students to major themes across the areas of psychology.

Social Psychology Lab (one-hour lab courses)
This lab course is designed to introduce students to controlled experiments in social psychology.

Judgment and Decision Making
This course is a graduate class and relies on empirical readings in the area of judgment and decision making.

Psychology of Regret
A special topics class designed to introduce undergraduate and graduate students to theoretical perspectives on the study of regret.

Theoretical Perspectives on Decision-making
A special topics class designed to introduce undergraduate and graduate students to theories in decision-making interlaced with current research.  

Graduate Social Psychology
A course designed to introduce students to specific areas in social psychology through the presentation of theoretical ideas and empirical research articles.

Advanced Social & Personality
A senior level class focusing on themes in social psychology with selected readings in current empirical articles.

Educational Psychology
A review of psychological principles and how they complement learning and educational development.

Undergraduate Senior Theses Mentored

Senior Thesis, Chair, A replication of the classic Clark and Hatfield study.
Jackie Woerner.  Thesis completed.

Senior Thesis, Chair.  Investigating the relationship between need-for-cognition and physical activity.
Sarah Pollard.  Thesis completed

Senior Thesis, Chair.  Glucose and Risky choice.
Kaylie Kittner.  Thesis completed.

Senior Thesis, Chair, Blood oxygen levels and risky choice.
Morgan Eudy.  Thesis completed.

Senior Thesis, Chair. The influence of task incentives on risky.
Nakisa Asefnia.  Thesis completed.

Senior Thesis, Chair, Now you feel it now you don’t: Regret in real-life and hypothetical situations.
Stephanie Smith.  Thesis completed.

Senior Thesis, Chair:  Circadian rhythms and decision choices.
Katie Lambert.  Thesis completed.

Senior Thesis, Chair:  The effects of self-esteem on interpersonal interaction.
Doris Kroiss.  Thesis completed.

Senior Thesis, Chair:  A test of the just world hypothesis: situational differences.
Keith Dowd.  Thesis completed.

Senior Thesis, Chair:  Net Prospect Theory: An Examination of Multi-Faceted Decision Making.
Matthew Herr.  Thesis completed.

Senior Thesis Second Reader:  Exploring the Relationship Between Wishful Thinking and Risk-Taking
Eva Elizabeth Ebert.  Thesis completed.

Senior Thesis Second Reader:  Relational victimization among college females.
Elizabeth K. Hunter.  Thesis completed.

Senior Thesis Second Reader:  Circadian Rhythms and Concentration.
Emily Antolic.  Thesis completed.

Master Theses Mentored

Thesis Committee, Chair:  Numeracy, Incentives, Glucose and Framing:  An Investigation of Performance Factors on a Risky Choice Task.
Nathan Stroh.  Thesis in progress

Thesis Committee, Chair:  Influence of Working Memory, Strategy, Experience, and Emotionality on a Prisoner’s Dilemma Task.
Wilson Tucker.  Thesis completed

Thesis Committee, Chair:  Memory Reflected in Our Decisions: Working Memory and Risky Choice Framing.
Jonathan Corbin.  Thesis completed.

Thesis Committee, Chair:  How Threat Cues Prime Hemispheric Activation and Influence Subsequent Decision-making.
Angela Owen.  Thesis completed.

Thesis Committee, Chair:  An Examination of how Individual Differences in Time Imposition Influence Susceptibility to Framing Effects.
Dominic Mascari.  Thesis completed.

Thesis Committee, Chair:  Trust as a Conscious versus Unconscious Predictor of Decision Preference.
Jacob Conrad.  Thesis completed.

Thesis Committee, Member:  Semantic Consistency in Boundary Extension.
Daniel Lacombe.  Thesis completed.

Thesis Committee, Member:  The College Persistence Questionnaire: Developing Scales to Assess Student Retention and Institutional Effectiveness.
Jacob Lindheimer.  Thesis completed

Thesis Committee, Member:  The Influence of Incentives versus Instructions on Age Differences in Associative Learning.
Elizabeth T. Swaim.  Thesis completed.

Thesis Committee, Member:  Does a Time Monitoring Deficit Factor into Older Adults’ Delayed Skill Acquisition?
Jarrod Hines.  Thesis completed.

Thesis Committee, Member:  Inattention and Impulsivity:  Social Competence in Young Adults.
Holly L. Boyle.  Thesis completed.

Thesis Committee, Member:  Working Memory, Self-monitoring and “Choking Under Pressure” in Math.
Jennifer Fleetwood.  Thesis completed.

Thesis Committee, Member:  Is Target Race a Factor in Social Comparison Processes for Body Esteem?
Myra Robinson.  Thesis completed.